Aug 31 2015

Touring :-)


The band on the way back from Stockton to LA. Darryl Williams (b), Darrell Crooks (gtr), me, Donald Hayes (sax), and Tony Moore (dr, driving).

I’m going to be in Stockton, CA with my own band. Come and have a good time 🙂

I have a blast playing keys for Euge Groove and Peter White on their 2015 summer tour!


I had a blast with my band at Art Good’s festival. What a beautiful location at the casino on Avalon!

Drums: Tony Moore, Bass: Darryl Williams, Guitar: Darrell Crooks, Sax: Donald Hayes

Special guests: Terry Wollman (guit) and Willie Bradley (trpt).

© Pictures: Smooth Jazz Family

Oct 29 2014


For your consideration: My CD “Dance With You” is on the Grammy ballot this year. Thank you for voting!