May 6 2019

Motown studio A

I recently spent some time in Detroit playing with my buddy saxophonist Phil Denny

We had an opportunity to tour the famous Motown studio A. I was both shocked and amazed how small that place was. But the size didn’t matter, because the talent & music were so strong that they conquered the world.

Mr. Gordy had the vision and the business sense to take raw talent and mold it into superstars. That legacy will last forever…!

May 6 2019

Eric Valentine

I met Eric Valentine at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston many years ago. He came in to play a Jonathan Butler show. No rehearsal, and he aced the show! JB hired him on the spot and we toured the world in JB’s band. Fun times!

Eric moved to LA shortly after I made the move and we have played together on many hit records. When one of my music productions needs real drums there’s only one number I call. It also helps that Eric moved into a world-class studio in North Hollywood with a Neve Genesys board. Those drum tones… !


I pitched an idea to Najee to record one of my favorite R&B tunes. It called for a great singer and Ken Turner blew me away in the studio. Every line, every phrasing was perfect. No, zero, nada, pitch correction. He’s the real deal with a male falsetto that makes Phil Bailey proud… 😉

Ken Turner, Greg and studio owner/ sax player Mike Parlett.

Apr 6 2019

Everette Harp

I had the pleasure of playing with Everette Harp on the Dave Koz cruise 2019/Australia. Everette is a force of nature. When he blows his horn you better get ready to play…


I’m happy to announce that my song Top Down went to No. 1 on Billboard!